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Frequently Asked Questions

Which blemishes can be treated?

• Thread Veins • Sebaceous Cysts • Skin Tags • Blood Spots • Milia • Warts
• Verrucas • Spider Naevus • Moles & many more diverse blemishes

How is my blemish treated?

A tiny probe (about the size of an eyelash) is the vehicle through which a burst of energy (DC or AC) is released into or onto the blemish depending on the procedure. Generally this has the result of cauterization or coagulation on skin tissue and produces fast effective results. Maureen will advise upon the exact treatment technique for each blemish and guide you step by step through the procedure and the aftercare involved. Repeat treatment may be required for some procedures.

Will my blemish return?

The treated blemish will not return but others may occur depending on the root cause. Maureen will advise you during your consultation.

How long does it take & how many treatments will I require?

Electrolysis treatments are safe and effective and offer instant results in many cases. Length of treatment very much depends upon the problem and Maureen will advise you accordingly. The area must not be over-treated and your skin reactivity will be taken into account. Treatment intervals will be carefully considered in a treatment plan, as well as taking into account your requirements and wishes.

What method of electrolysis is used?

The method chosen will be determined by the blemish(es), condition of the skin, client compatibility
and equipment.

Does electrolysis hurt?

Each procedure is different and every individual has varying pain thresholds. A number of factors can affect pain thresholds e.g. area to be treated, tiredness, medication, stress, menstruation, etc. A slight stinging or short pin-prick sensation is usually experienced for most procedures but with such fast pleasing results attained most clients are very positive about the experience.

How much do the treatments cost?

You usually pay for the length of time you are treated with a minimum of 15 minutes. It is normal practice for a price estimate to be given at the time of your initial consultation.